A Podiatrist Sydney Trusts …

~ Spinal Pain
~ Joint injuries
~ Arthritis
~ Sporting Injuries
~ Stiff joints or muscles
~ Women’s health problems
~ Post-surgical conditions
~ Hip and pelvic pain
~ Knee Pain

Welcome to Podiatrist Sydney

When it comes to looking for a podiatrist Sydney has many options. We approach our podiatry clients with a professional and non-judgmental attitude. All we need you to do is to remove all of your shoes and socks and we will do the rest! Podiatry is what we do and feet are what we love!

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Love Your Feet, Love Your Self…

Are you looking to fix your feet issues and live a happy life thanks to our Podiatrist Sydney clinic? It’s crucial podiatry is done professionally, including structural re-alignments, toes and toenails, heels, foot arches and ankles.

Podiatrist Clinic Sydney provides extensive for health consultations and medical solutions and even foot cleaning services in our Sydney clinic – your feet will be glad you visited us.

The major differentiator between the use of podiatry in a holistic setting as opposed to a purely medical or alternative health setting is the presence of multi-disciplinarian podiatrists and the wide range of activities undertaken by our therapists and doctors in their support of our patients.

Standing, walking, sitting, running and gym-type exercise all have an impact on the health of your feet which demands the service of a group who understand the intricacies of holistic podiatry.

Our steam cleaning of your feet both sanitises and deodorises them as a precursor to advanced pampering. Our dry exfoliation methods ensure that even the most delicate feet are cleaned and treated with care.

How should I prepare my feet for a podiatrist’s services?

There are four things to remember when getting a podiatrist’s treatment. These are:

  • It’s important so that the podiatrist can by fully effective that the lower leg space (below the knee) is cleared of all clothing. In the event of adjustments required on the knee or above the knee, that the patient or client is wearing a loose pair or shorts and all possessions removed from the pockets. If total leg removal is required, it is important to let our podiatrist know ahead of time so that they can prepare accordingly.
  • It is important that if there are open wounds or lesions, or disconnected joints or bones that you inform our podiatrists or their nurses so they can arrange for sanitised gloves or towels to assist both patient comfort and protect both parties from unforeseen circumstances.
  • It is important to allow for adequate preparation for the podiatrist appointment so the purpose of the visit can be efficiently met after the steam cleaning of the feet. If this is not going to be possible, please let our reception staff know so we can arrange for wet or dry cleaning of the feet to be used.
  • It may be necessary that the patient doesn’t walk for at least 24 hours after the podiatrist treatment has taken place, in which case a wheelchair may be required along with specialised transportation.
Where do you provide Podiatrist Sydney services?

Our services are all performed from our Podiatrist Sydney clinic. If in the northern beaches we can assist patients who need transport with a specialised taxi service from Manly to Palm Beach. Our pick up service also covers the Sydney Eastern Suburbs from Watson’s Bay to Maroubra, or in the Western and Southern suburbs of Sydney with adequate notice we can arrange transport as far as Penrith or the Sutherland Shire.


Podiatrist Sydney are life-changing at what they do. They did a very effective job remodelling my hardened arches and heels from years of working as a cleaner of kitchen and bathroom floors and seeing me more comfortable in my later years is a very important thing to my husband. I since sent my mother to see them as she had bunions and arthritis in her toes and she has had considerable relief from her suffering even in her eighties.

– Angela Makhoul, Parramatta