Senior Foot Care: Podiatry for the Elderly

The ageing community is often plagued with foot problems making it problematic for them to deal with. Seniors have spent a great deal of their lives walking with their day to day activities which often leads to foot problems in the later years of their lives. With that being said, foot problems for seniors can indeed be averted with careful planning and consideration. Older adults will be able to walk thousands of additional miles through proper foot care. Let us consider senior foot care and how podiatry can help the elderly.

For seniors as well as young individuals alike, it is vital for them to know what things can go wrong, how they happen, and how to treat and prevent them with regards to proper foot care. This involves being aware of several factors that can affect the overall health of our feet.

Factors such as shoe wear, age, medical issues, obesity, trauma and heredity can have detrimental effects on their feet. For instance, shoes that fail to support or cause pain to feet can cause permanent damage. As for age, feet grow wider, sole padding thins, and skin becomes drier. Medical complications such as gout inflammation, peripheral vascular disease, and the side effects from certain medications can cause damage to the feet as well. Also when one is obese or overweight, the excess of weight applied to the feet over an extended period of time can wear them down and cause damage.

As mentioned earlier, medical complications can develop serious foot problems. Diabetes for example may lead to Reduced blood flow to the feet, which makes cuts and abrasions slow to heal.

This is where the services of a podiatrist often become quite handy to acquire as they are able to help such individuals who are having problems with their foot especially since this a branch of medicine devoted to the study of diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower extremity.

Podiatrists are able to help older people stay active in life by keeping their feet healthy. A number of older people are unable to look after their feet due to poor vision and limited flexibility. In such cases, podiatrists work hand in hand with older people to find the best form of treatment to help relieve their worries and pain. For example, individuals who spend a considerable period of time on their feet, or those with arthritis, may have special footwear needs. Podiatrists can advise their clients about how to choose the right shoes for their feet.

The assistance of a podiatrist is indeed vital for seniors’ foot care making them an invaluable asset for them to acquire. Of course, their services are not available free of charge and seniors will need to prepare such fees in advance especially if they decide to have podiatrists visit them on a regular basis. The costs of podiatry may end up eating into your superannuation funds however, with careful planning the ageing community are able to handle the costs of podiatry in a timely and effective manner.

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