Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a cause for concern to a huge number of individuals. The organism or fungus developed between the toes cause rashes which can make it troublesome to walk effectively. The condition is characterized by dry, red, scaly and flaky toes which may also come as white, soggy and cracked. Itchiness and soreness also comes to mind when dealing with athlete’s foot making it important to treat them right away. Let us look at what changes have emerged in treating the condition over the last decade.

Athlete’s Foot

A huge number of podiatrists advise their patients to take the necessary measures in avoiding the development of athlete’s foot. Many innovators share the same sentiment and this is quite apparent with many inventions being made to combat the threat of athlete’s foot. For instance, the SteriShoe 2.0 zaps stinky shoes with ultraviolet rays. Shoe Care Innovation believes it can get rid of stinky odors from germ-infested shoes by zapping them with its SteriShoe 2.0 ultraviolet shoe sanitizer. The company says its solution is clinically proven to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of odor-causing bacteria, fungus, and viruses lurking in shoes by exposing them to Ultraviolet C light for 15 minutes.

Another good example of this are the Skinners barefoot running socks. Designed to be an ultraportable, multi-function footwear option, Skinners offers a surprising amount of benefits for such a minimalist item. Despite looking like a basic athletic sock, Skinners are anti-odor, adhesive and phthalate-free, anti-abrasive, machine washable, anti-bacterial, and have a waterproof underside all while weighing a mere 2.8 oz.

Shoes and socks work hand in hand in dealing with the threat of athlete’s foot and as such, people will find a number of these products. Kandals are scented shoes that make your feet smell good. Along with being scented, the Spanish-made shoes are vegan, made with organic cotton and natural rubber. Putting its own sustainable spin on the buy-one, give-one model, Kandals plants a tree in deforested area of the world for every pair purchased. On the other hand, you will also be able to find sneakers you can wear without socks. Baabuk’s wool shoes are water-repellent, anti-bacterial footwear that are shape-conforming and breathable.

In terms of actual treatment, lunula laser offers hope to cure toenail fungus. The Erchonia Corporation introduced the FDA-approved Lunula portable laser device to the public. The machine is the first and only low-level laser to receive FDA clearance for targeting nail fungus. According to Dr. Kerry Zang, a lead researcher behind the Lunula laser, clinical trials showed 67 percent of patients had three millimeters of clear nail growth within approximately six months of treatment.

Topical agents and creams are also common solutions in treating fungal activities in the feet. With that being said, patients are advised to pursue confirmatory testing before treatment of onychomycosis. Many patients as well as clinicians favor the less effective and more expensive topical agents due to fear of side effects such as hepatotoxicity with the cheaper systemic agents.

When evaluating a patient with yellow, discolored nails, clinicians can choose to treat empirically with oral or systemic antifungal drugs or perform in-clinic or testing to confirm the diagnosis of onychomycosis before prescribing antifungal therapy. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends confirmatory testing first as a means to reduce wasteful spending and treatment-associated side effects.

Make the necessary changes to treat as well as avoid the development of athlete’s foot today!